Our products are durable, tear-resistant, and long-lasting.

Both our standard and SDGs products are made from recycled waste plastic and can be customized into a wide range of sizes, colors, and thicknesses, as well as printed with your company's logo and text. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


  • Specify the height, width, and thickness.
  • You can choose from transparent, translucent, black, or a variety of colors for your product.
  • Choose from two types of materials.

    SDGs made from recycled waste plastic and standard materials.

  • Choose your packaging.

    Compact box, flat package, compact softbox, carton, soft box, and more to suit your needs.

Our Products

T shirts bags

Plastic bags with handles. They are durable against pull and impact and feature strong, tear-resistant handles.

Small bags

A handleless plastic bags. Ideal for storing food, it is durable and flexible.

Garbage bags

Wide and easy-to-handle plastic bags resistant to tears.

Roll bags

Coming soon…

Square bags

Square bottom plastic bags. Perfect for packaged products, boxes, and cardboard.